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State Convention

Graphic Arts Rules...Be sure to read all the documents in this section.

Graphic Arts Examples...Check out what other Hoosier Latin students have done.

Art Registration Forms...Print and make copies for each item you submit.

Scholarship Application for Seniors

Costume Contest Financial Form...Print and complete, with my signature.


2018 State Convention -- The Movie

Click here to watch our Panther Latin students taking the glory!


National Convention Information

Click here for information on how to register for the 2016 NJCL National Latin Convention in Bloomington this summer.

Fabrica Ursam

The latest project from the creative minds of Panther Latin students is Fabrica Ursam.  Our students raise money to build bears at Build-A-Bear, write a fable to go with each one, and deliver them to the children at Riley Hospital for Children.  Fables go back to Greco-Roman antiquity and are found in the writings of authors such as Hesiod, Aesop, and Phaedrus.  Our students give a Greek or Roman name to each bear and wrote a fable that, together with the bear itself, will hopefully brighten the life of a child.  Click on a picture to see a larger version.

 From Period 1, Latin I

From Period 2, Latin I

From Period 3, Latin II

From Period 4/5, Latin II

From Period 6/7, Latin I

From Period 9, Latin IV & V

From Period 10, Latin III

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Smoke On The Water


Yes, the rumor is true.  At the 2008 Spaghetti Sauce Cook-Off, Mr. Perkins sang lead vocal with local heavy metal band Panzer, led by guitarist and former NC student-soon-to-be-Latin-and-German-teacher Brandon Signorino.  To see the video of that (in)famous night, click the rock 'n' roll Roman above. The Latin and English lyrics of "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple are here.

For the 2010 video of "Man on the Silver Mountain by Dio, featuring Mr. Perkins and Taylor McGarrah with Panzer, click here.


North Central Latin Club Constitution

Our constitution with descriptions of officer positions



Chants and Cheers


Check out our chants and cheers for this year.  Feel free to print 'em out and start to learn 'em.  'CAUSE WE'RE GONNA SHOUT 'EM IN THE FACES OF THOSE WE CONQUER! 


Junior Classical League

Indiana Junior Classical League ... Information about state Latin competitions, the state convention, etc.

National Junior Classical League ... Official contest information and a link for the Senior Classical League, open to college students



Certamen Resources

Virginia Certamen Questions

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