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            The Vergil Project

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            Aeneid Background

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            Lexicity-Your Site for ALL Ancient Languages



Classical Studies (General)

            Benefits of Latin In the 21st Century

  Indiana University Classical Studies

            The University of Texas at Austin

            Indiana Classical Conference


General Help

             Word Parser (Online Latin Dictionary)

  Botanical Latin Dictionary

             Magister Rodney's Vocab Lists By Author          

More Texts, etc.


            Internet Encylcopedia of Philosophy

            The Episteme Lectures

            Aristotle's Law of Non-Contradiction

            Episteme Links

            David Chalmers’ Site

            Quodlibet:  Online Journal of Philosophy and Theology

            Paul Moser’s Site

            Syllogism Practice

            Becoming and Being in Modern Physics

            The Coherence Theory of Truth

            Philosophical Films

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