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Magister Perkins

Because there are some things that you may want to know about Mr. Perkins, check out the following links:

Curriculum Vitae...This is what academics call a listing of their professional activities.

2013 Washington Township Teacher of the Year Announcement...In May, 2013, Dr. Woodson announced that I was the teacher of the year for Washington Township.  As you can see, I was quite surprised!

Indiana Public Radio Interview...I am featured in two segments talking about Classical education.

Interview with Superintendent Dr. Nikki Woodson...The superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township interviewed me for the district radio station, WJEL 89.1 FM, about my teacher of the year award and our Latin program at NC.  My part of the program begins at 3:54.

Indiana Teacher of the Year Top Ten Finalist Announcement...Our superintendent, principal, world language department chair, and other administrators surprised me during our Latin III class to announce that I was a top ten finalist for the 2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year.

INTOY Top Three Finalist Announcement...Another surprise visit brought the announcement that I was a top three finalist for the 2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year.

2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year Announcement...On Friday, October 4, 2013, our Period 1 Latin I class was invaded by news cameras, administrators, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, and my family to make an announcement.

Press Conference for 2014 INTOY Announcement...The press conference in H193 following the announcement.

Official Indiana Department of Education Video for 2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year

Musical Slide Show of 2014 INTOY Announcement from Washington Township

Comcast Interview About TOY and Latin

2014 INTOY Banquet Video...This is the official Dept. of Education video.

Governor Pence's 2014 State of the State Address

WIBC Interview on education and rock'n'roll





On a Personal Note...

When I am not bellowing out "The Do Now is on the board!" I am happy to spend time with my wife, Melissa, and our two children, Austin and Olivia.  Olivia, who is in 1st grade, is a sheer delight and for my money has a face that could launch more than a thousand ships!  Austin, a fifth grader, shares many interests with me, including playing Greek/Trojan or Roman soldiers in the backyard, adding to our collection of toy Mustang cars, woodworking, and playing chess. He is also a travel basketball player.

One of these days I hope to come roaring into NC in a classic Mustang from the '60's or early '70's.  And what would be blasting from the stereo of such a classic ride?  Classic rock, of course!  Probably "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple, or something from '80's hair bands Whitesnake or Stryper.

And what am I not doing when I'm not involved with any of that?  Chances are I am doing something with our children or at our church.  Of course, I could also be reading(typically historical fiction or non-fiction books having to do with philosophy or theology) or using one of the writing instruments from my collection of fountain pens.  I am also likely to be found portraying a character from ancient Rome, such as Gaius Crastinus, the first-spear centurion of Caesar's Legion X, or Publius Sempronius Tuditanus, one of the soldiers at the tomb of Christ.  To check out my historical re-enactment work, see, or, a blog about the Roman army, re-enactment, and the story of how I came to portray Roman soldiers in real life.  You can also follow me on Twitter @romanpersonas and on Facebook at  You can also get all kinds of cool Roman Personas gear at




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