The Music of North Central Panther Latin



In 2013, A.P. Latin student Rachel Stephens and her dad, Michael Stephens, wrote and recorded seven songs.  They were re-workings of pop classics by the likes of The Beatles, James Taylor, and Billy Joel and were inspired by Vergil's Aeneid, the Lesbia poems of Catullus, and the life of Julius Caesar.  One attempted what no one other than Edward Gibbon or Theodor Mommsen would have dared try, a complete history of Rome.  A final song was a blues tribute to North Central Latin teacher Steve Perkins.

Please enjoy these songs and share them with your Latin students.  They are a testament to great music, the timeless stories of antiquity, and what true education looks like when a father and daughter enter the learning process together to create something new, wonderful, and vastly entertaining.  Enjoy!

Horse Made of Wood...subject:  Trojan Horse...original music:  "Norwegian Wood" by The Beatles

Horse Made of Wood lyrics


Pious Aeneas...subject:  Pius Aeneas...original music:  "The Boxer" by Paul Simon

Pious Aeneas lyrics


Dido's Song...subject:  Aeneas' departure from Dido...original music:  "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor

Dido's Song lyrics


Lesbia...subject:  The poet Catullus' relationship Lesbia...original music:  "She Loves You" by The Beatles

Lesbia lyrics


I'm a Caesar...subject:  The life of Julius Caesar...original music:  "I'm a Loser" by The Beatles

I'm a Caesar lyrics


Learn Your Latin...subject:  The history of Rome...original music:  "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel

Learn Your Latin lyrics


Mr. NC...subject:  Mr. Perkins, Latin teacher at North Central...original music:  "Hoochie Coochie Man" by Willie Dixon

Mr. NC lyrics