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Latin 1/2

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Latin 3/4

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Latin 5/6

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A.P. Latin

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Needful Things


Grammar Charts and Videos


Latin I Grammar Videos

Feeney's Fabulous Font of Facts

Magister P.'s English Verb Chart

Verb Conjugation (a.k.a. Zach Chart)

Subjunctive Addition (a.k.a. Lindsey Chart)

Indicative Examples (a.k.a. Laura Chart)

Laura Chart-Word Version

Subjunctive Examples (a.k.a. Laura Chart 2)

Laura Chart 2-Word Version

Tense Recognition (a.k.a. The Twin Chart)

Subordinate Clauses (a.k.a. John Chart)

Demonstrative & Intensive Pronouns (a.k.a. Samantha Chart)

Amazing Page of Latin Grammar Handouts, Practice Sheets, and Vocab

English Pronouns

Greek Alphabet (a.k.a. Ryan Chart)

Ablative Uses (a.k.a. Emma Chart)

Daily Latin Organizer (a.k.a. Ben Sheet)


Class Notes and Project Guidelines


Latin I-Vocabulary List for 1st Nine Weeks

Latin I-Vocabulary List for 2nd Nine Weeks

Latin I-Vocabulary List for 3rd Nine Weeks

Latin II-Vocabulary List for 1st Nine Weeks

Latin II-Vocabulary List for 2nd Nine Weeks

Latin II-Vocabulary List for 3rd Nine Weeks

Aeneid Vocabulary List 1

Aeneid Vocabulary List 2

Aeneid Vocabulary List 3

Aeneid Vocabulary List 4

Aeneid Vocabulary List 5

Aeneid Vocabulary List 6

Aeneid Vocabulary List 7

Aeneid Vocabulary List 8

Aeneid Vocabulary List 9

Aeneid Vocabulary List 10

Aeneid Vocabulary List 11

AP Caesar Vocabulary List 1

AP Caesar Vocabulary List 2

AP Caesar Vocabulary List 3

AP Caesar Vocabulary List 4

AP Caesar Vocabulary List 5

AP Caesar Vocabulary List 6

AP Caesar Vocabulary List 7

IB Learner Profiles

Latin IB Learner Profiles

Tour of the Roman Forum

Roman Influence Poster Example

Latin II Notebook Project Guidelines

Latin II Notebook Project Rubric

 Caesar Introduction Questions

Swingin' the Alphabet

More Cowbell

Warrior Ethos Project

Cicero Recitation Passage 1

Cicero Recitation Passage 2

Cicero Recitation Passage 3

Cicero Trial 2016

"Catullus" Poems on Cicero

Epigraphy Examples Easy

Epigraphy Examples Medium

Epigraphy Examples Hard

Ancient Writing Materials-Univ. of Michigan

How Papyrus Was Made-Univ. of Michigan

Papyrus Making Slide Show-Univ. of Michigan

Reading Latin Book Hand-Univ. of Michigan

Reading Old Roman Cursive-Univ. of Michigan

Papyrus Puzzles-Univ. of Michigan

Aeneas in Literature

Aeneid Notes Template (Word version)

Aeneid Notes Template (PDF version)

Caesar Dickinson College Commentary

Practice and Review

IB Latin Materials Through 2021


List of Readings

Internal Assessment

External Assessment

Assessment Outline-SL

Assessment Outline-HL

Ovid Metamorphoses Readings


Practice Sheets


Latin I - workbook copies

Latin II -workbook copies

Latin I-Final Exam 1 Grammar Review Sheet (a.k.a. Magic Sheet of Yogurt)

Prose Composition Examples for Latin I

Full Declension Practice (a.k.a. Emma Practice)

Verb Synopsis Practice

Indicative Practice Chart (a.k.a. Emma Chart)

Subjunctive Practice Chart (a.k.a Emma Chart)

Latin II-III Noun Endings & Synopsis Practice

All Clauses Practice-Latin II

All Clauses Practice-Latin III

Latin I-History Culture Worksheet 1

Latin I-History Culture Worksheet 2

Latin I-History Culture Worksheet 3

Latin I-History Culture Worksheet 4

Latin I-History Culture Worksheet 5

Latin II-History Culture Worksheet 1

Latin II-History Culture Worksheet 2

Latin II-History Culture Worksheet 3

Latin II-History Culture Worksheet 4

Latin II-History Culture Worksheet 5

Latin III-History Culture Worksheet 1

Latin III-History Culture Worksheet 2

Latin III-History Culture Worksheet 3

Ancient Geography/History Questions

Mottoes, Quotations, Abbreviations Questions

Mythology Questions

Daily Life Questions

NLE-Lat I-2009-p1

NLE-Lat I-2009-p2

NLE-Lat I-2010-p1

NLE-Lat I-2009-p2

NLE-Lat II-2009-p1

NLE-Lat II-2009-p2

NLE-Lat II-2010-p1

NLE-Lat II-2010-p2

NLE-Lat III poetry-2009-p1

NLE-Lat III poetry-2009-p2

NLE-Lat III poetry 2010-p1

NLE-Lat III poetry 2010-p2

NLE-Lat III prose 2009-p1

NLE-Lat III prose 2009-p2

NLE-Lat III prose 2010-p1

NLE-Lat III prose 2010-p2

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